PolyKeg® has designed and selected some accessories that allow you to better manage your keg.

Tamper Evident Seal

PolyKeg® exclusive tamper evident seal:

  • Protects the valve from external agents and against shocks during the handling;
  • Available in different colour options.

Standard Seal

  • PolyKeg also offers a standard seal, which protects the valve efficiently, but does not have the tamper evident feature that shows possible manipulation.
  • Available in different colour options.

Depressurizing Key

  • The depressurizing key allows to completely and safely remove the residual pressure left in the keg after its use and before being disposed of for recycling.
  • It is suited for all types of PolyKeg® valves: A, D, G, K, M, S.
  • Please check the instructions included in the PolyKeg® instruction manual on how to depressurize correctly.
  • Note: It is not required to depressurize the keg with the key, if the PRV is fitted on the keg valve.

Dismantling Kit

Valve and handle dismantling key

  • This key allows to easily unscrew and remove the valve and the handle of the keg, in order to make recycling easier and more efficient.

Base dismantling key

  • This key can be used as an alternative to the base dismantling equipment and it allows to easily separate the bottle from the base everywhere, to facilitate and improve recycling.

Base dismantling equipment

  • This tool allows you to detach the base from the bottle of the keg, in order to improve the recycling and make it easier.

Manual Filling Kit

  • In order to make the manual filling process easier, PolyKeg assembled its own kit.
    Supplied in a practical case, it includes:
    Coupler, available for all valves: A, S, G, D, M, K
    Pressure gauge
    Counter – pressure regulator
  • Il kit viene fornito all'interno di una pratica valigetta.

Semi-automatic Filling Machine

  • The Polykeg® filling machine has been designed to significantly lower investments and related costs and improve the overall filling process
  • It controls automatically filling speed, pressures, flow rate and product quantity.
  • It is versatile as it fills both Polykeg PRO with and without bag.
    It is compatible with all six valves (A-G-S-D-K-M).