Innovators in the one-way keg market

PolyKeg® manages research, development and production in-house, which is why we can offer you an innovative and top-quality product.

Used all over the world, our kegs provide excellent product preservation and exceptional tapping.

PolyKeg® kegs are part of a R&D program that is focused on sustainability and meets the needs of all our customers.

Our team is always ready to provide presales and after-sales support, offering outstanding customer care.

PolyKeg® is constantly evolving and today operates globally with multiple manufacturing sites and sales offices.

From an idea comes a product, from a product comes a Company

As a socially responsible company, PolyKeg® has defined guidelines for a more conscious management of its business. We have chosen to follow our ethical principles of integrity, transparency and impartiality as well as attention to the environment and human resources, applying them to every aspect of our work.


Promoting the PolyKeg® concept to support our customers in achieving their goals.


Focusing our passion and expertise on a continuous improvement of our product and its eco-sustainability, continuing to create value for our customers.

The one-way Keg full of values

Every PolyKeg® keg is an expression of our corporate values.

  • Sustainability

    Our entire supply chain is designed to reduce waste, optimize logistics, promote the reuse of components and the recycling of materials.

  • Innovation

    Our passion and expertise is key to developing a product that is always on the cutting edge.

  • Security

    Our kegs are designed to ensure maximum safety throughout their life cycle. Our working environment and production process meet the highest safety standards.

  • Quality

    Our full control of the production cycle and the use of the latest technological solutions guarantee a top-quality level and an accurate traceability of process and product.

  • Focus on the customer

    We listen to all our customers, and we can react quickly to meet their needs.

  • Collaboration

    We want to work every day to the best of our ability, in order to do this, we choose to work with suppliers who share PolyKeg®’s values.

  • Efficiency

    Our production line is designed for maximum energy and material efficiency.

Beyond our products,
expertise and support

Quality, reliability and customer focus are some of the values we are committed to.

Our team is always available, even face to face, to listen to your needs.
We believe that this is the key that will allow us to keep improving.